Huron John Is Up to Something in ‘Apocalypse Wow, Vol. 1’


His look is flooded with color. His sound, a wide-eyed dream. Huron John is certainly up to something and we're taking notice. 

The world just got a little brighter with the release of John's micro project Apocalypse Wow, Vol. 1. The set sees two additional songs "Honor Tribe" and "Foxglove" join John's gooey and galactic single "Maple Syrup Tears." Choosing to drop a single and video, and follow it up with two more sad indie bops isn't something most artists do. In this saturated space, it is refreshing to see something this wickedly confident. 

With "Honor Tribe," John turns the indie R&B sound on its side, injecting hollow drums and digitized chords throughout. "Foxglove" is just as moody. Something about it feels charmingly suburban. The production is both honest and transfixing, as John incorporates left-of-center production with a reckless abandon. All of his songs stay true to his brand. He sings shamelessly about his own insecurities not knowing what real love is, his lack of clear skin, and disdain for always being led on.

Apocalypse Wow, Vol. 1 sits perched high on a list of accomplishments by the young artist, from landing the top spot on Spotify's coveted playlist Lorem to producing, writing, mixing, and mastering all his own work. 

As we play through the trilogy over and over, we have to think, where there's smoke, there's fire. For every Vol. 1, there hopefully exists a Vol. 2. Here's to hoping the eager Chicago kid is nowhere near done. 

Listen to Apocalypse Wow, Vol. 1 below: