Huron John & Lonely God Are Now In “Control”


Aaron Taos's buzzy tune "Control" just got a lively Vitamin C shot. Lorem wonder Huron John and mixed genre producer Lonely God decided to add their own vibe to the single giving it an all new kind of energy.

"Control" was Taos's debut single from his album Birthday Boy which debuted last year. But with lyrics like, 

"Sitting here thinkin’ bout society. Do you wanna hear some irony? I don’t like going out. But I don’t wanna stay at home. Laying here thinkin’ bout the things I hate. Staring at a screen til my mind goes blank. It’s the same every day,

The song began to take on a whole new meaning as society entered quarantine. All of a sudden- Taos's words hit on a whole new level, and people started to notice. The song took off on Tik Tok and Instagram. 

As the days got longer and our anxiety grew greater, "Control" gained a sort of quarantine anthemic status. Taos told us the growing attention was totally unexpected, "A cool moment for me was Mark Foster from Foster the People, sent me a DM, saying he loved it. [….] but it’s awesome so many people connected with the song during these uncertain times."

So now, two of Taos' favorite artists have joined him to remix the song and take it for an all new kind of slacker rock ride. Watch the "Control" Remix lyric video below or listen on Spotify.