I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME Uncovers a Long-Forgotten “Choke” Video


Photo: Lauren Perry 

I Don't Know How But They Found Me is not only a contender for best and longest band name of recent memory, but one of best alternative bands currently out there as well. And it's no wonder why iDKHOW is making such a stir in the alternative scene either, as the duo is comprised of former long-time Panic! At The Disco bassist Dallon Weekes and the longest-tenured drummer for Falling in Reverse, Ryan Seaman. Together, they make the kind of alternative-minded pop punk that takes the genre back to its golden period with its tongue-in-cheek style of irreverent humor and macabre songwriting.

But we are not here to solely gush about how iDKHOW makes me want to revisit my scene days; we are here to gush about their brand new video for the standout single "Choke." Featured on the band's debut EP, 1981 Extended Play, "Choke" is a jubilant and ghastly celebration. Dancing around lyrics like, "I wouldn't hesitate / To smile while you suffocate" and "So bite your tongue / And choke yourself," with an unwavering euphoric bliss, iDKHOW somehow manages to channel both the spirit of the Beach Boys and My Chemical Romance in a single, cohesive song. iDKHOW takes their macabre fanfare back to the '80s Italo Disco movement for a music video that flourishes on the idea of strange juxtaposition.

The vintage and "recently uncovered" video for "Choke" was accompanied only by a short explanation stating, “'Pop Time Live’ was a short-lived music television program that aired briefly in Eastern Europe in the early 1980’s. The show and its producers had hoped to capitalize on the then popular ‘Italo Disco’ movement, but audiences found its lack of authenticity objectionable.” And while we are left trying to piece together the perplexing, out-of-time music video, we certainly cannot deny iDKHOW's charm and infectious nature come through full-force no matter the context or time period.

Watch the video for "Choke" below:

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