iivrson Creates His Own Lane on “Adrenaline”


Atlanta's iivrson has a distinct delivery that's impossible to replicate. iivrson has a clear vision for his sound that's unlike any other artist’s. For those unfamiliar, his breakout track, "Pressure," stands out because of his menacing nasally voice, his eccentric cadence and is a perfect example of what makes the artist so captivating.

iivrson's new single "Adrenaline" is a rock fused hit where his unique vocals are on full display and in peak form. Produced by Mobetta Mofresha, the instrumental matches iivrson's unconventional style. iivrson matches the intensity of the beat with an ominous whisper instead of the expected aggressive delivery. Trudging electric guitar lines, trap drums, and piano make the production a unique blend of genres and ideas.

The accompanying music video shows iivrson's broader vision of himself as an artist. While the track is rebellious and hard-hitting, the music video contrastingly features social commentary as iivrson and his grandma prepare to infiltrate a factory. iivrson's refusal to conform make him one of the most interesting up and coming artists with huge superstar potential.

Watch and listen to "Adrenaline" by iivrson below: