Indie-Funk Master Johnny Utah Chases His “Honeypie” in Lighthearted Video [PREMIERE]


Before you continue reading, we must warn you… You're about to fall madly in love with Johnny Utah, or at least his sensational talent for crafting infectious funky pop. 23-year-old Jacob Sullenger created the moniker Johnny Utah not long ago, but he's been writing, recording, producing, and mixing his own brilliant tunes for years. Utah kicked off 2019 with a funky new single, "Honeypie," and we're thrilled to offer you a first look at the cheery music video today.

Compared to his slower tracks, "Honeypie" is a spectacular explosion of indie pop drenched with groovy bass lines and great vibes all around. What really blows us away is Utah's astounding falsetto throughout the lively track amidst the jangly instrumentals. In "Honeypie," the charming Utah expresses his longing for a sweetheart who he can treat right and shower with endless love.

After weeks of obsessing over "Honeypie," we've been dreaming of a fun-loving music video to pair with Utah's song and we have to admit, he really delivered. Directed by Jack O'Brien, the amusing "Honeypie" visual showcases Utah's quirkiness as he literally chases an apple pie through the street. Switching between a bicycle, skateboard, and running on foot, Utah pursues this edible dessert as if it really is the apple of his eye.

On the "Honeypie" music video, Johnny Utah exclusively shared with us,

"I'm just chasing my pie, man. I needed to work on my body, summer is around the corner, so I hit up Alec and Jack and we came up with a plan. Alec built a rig and attached a pie to it and I messed it all up, man. It still came out awesome and I hope everybody has as much fun watching it as we had making it."

Ones To Watch has your first look at the "Honeypie" music video below: