Indie-Pop Duo joan Are Set to Support The Aces Tour & Take 2019 by Storm [NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY]


One might hear the name and picture a young blonde country singer, but indie pop duo joan is far more complex. Fronted by Alan Thoman and Steven Rutherford, joan plays off the sounds of different decades, pulling soft rock qualities from the '70s, synth pads from the '80s and soaring pop melodies from the '90s. The Arkansas-bred twosome have garnered millions of streams across various platforms and played shows both around the country and overseas. 

Not to mention, they're joining our favorite indie pop songstresses, The Aces, on their tour presented by yours truly. Having previously toured with COIN and Jeremy Zucker, and currently touring with half•alive, joan is quickly climbing up the alternative pop ladder–considering they've only been around for less than 18 months. 

Joan's 2018 EP, portra, is a great representation of their sound: tasteful indie confections with rhythmic surprises and smooth production. Their single "all the way" is a must listen, complete with a choppy intro and whip sound effects. Joan's most recent single "drive all night" is an upbeat ode to youth, hitting hard with pulsing synth and drums that drive.


Joan is tasteful in their use of pop elements, incorporating effects that keep listeners on their toes. Their tracks are full and lush, incorporating breathy vocals, clean guitar licks and thick instrumentation. Be sure to check them out on tour with The Aces, definitely not one miss.