Isaac Dunbar Does Not Want to Be “comme des garçons (like the boys)”


Isaac Dunbar simply cannot miss. The seventeen-year-old indie pop singer-songwriter is back with another disco-pop dose of rapturous, uplifting music. Today's new release is dubbed "comme des garçons (like the boys)." 

The title may sound familiar, sharing its name with the Japanese fashion house known for its adorable, heart-laden wares. However, those of you who dabble in French may know that the phrase translates to "like the boys." In this new track, Dunbar contextualizes "comme des garçons" as a difficult standard to meet for a young LGBT man.

Dunbar wrote the French pop-tinged track among several others in a flurry of creative inspiration when he was just fifteen. He explained that the words are "from the perspective of me talking to the people in my life who wanted me to act more masculine - family members, kids at school." He went on to call the song "a huge middle finger to the mindset of being forced to play that type of role in society which simply doesn't resonate with who I was born to be."

Like many of his songs, the new track is a total anthem for those who feel like they might not fit in. The lyrics of "comme des garçons" are a testament to Dunbar's will to face the world as an unapologetically authentic version of himself, exclaiming "I don't wanna be the same / I don't wanna be like you / I don't wanna be comme des garçons."

We applaud Dunbar for his continued creative approach to preaching self-love and acceptance. If you ever feel pressured to be someone you're not, give this track a listen for a little reminder that being yourself is better than being like anyone else. 

"comme des garçons" will appear on Dunbar's forthcoming EP, isaac's insects, set to release April 9 via RCA Records.  

Listen to "comme des garçons" below: