Jake Troth Proves Simplicity Is Key in the “Alive & Well” Video [PREMIERE]


Photo Credit: RJ Shaughnessy

If you’re a fan of Lizzo or Kehlani, it’s about time you met the person who has helped them gain their many successes. Ladies and gentlemen, give a warm round of applause for the man behind-the-scenes… Jake Troth! After years of penning radio hits for major artists, Troth has rightfully launched his solo career and continues to grow with every thoughtful single.

As someone who has always appreciated the beauty in simplicity, Troth crafts raw music that can be just as powerful and moving sung acapella as with instruments. His latest and greatest is an honest tune titled “Alive & Well,” which sees Troth struggling with his inner self as he transitions from his lowest points to some of his best moments. 

The accompanying music video sets the perfect tone for Troth’s humble songwriting as he’s singing “Alive & Well” in the studio with the band. The lighthearted visual is stripped of excessive production to evoke exactly what Troth believes in: simplicity.

On “Alive & Well,” Jake Troth exclusively shared with us,

“‘Alive & Well’ was written over the course of five years, initiated in the lowest point of my life and then completed years later during the best moments of my life. I wrote the verses based on the feeling the film ‘Harold and Maude’ gave me; Melodrama and Macabre mixed with a little tongue-in-cheek bravery.”

Ones To Watch has your first look at “Alive & Well” below: