JAWNY’s “Anything You Want” Is Everything We Could Have Wanted and More

Photo: Camille Lepen

JAWNY is bringing a whole different kind of vibe into 2020, and we are not just talking about the rebranding. JAWNY, formerly known as Johnny Utah, is bringing his funk-fueled, indie pop vision to life with his latest single.

"Anything You Want" marks JAWNY's first release since signing to Interscope Records, and it is one hell of a time. From the very opening moments, it is impossible not to get swept up in the funkadelic nature of the entire affair. As if mirroring the infectious nature of the track, JAWNY delves into his own storied tale of finding himself head over heels, utterly devoted to the object of his affection.

"You've got the funk / Gets me stupid, gets me drunk / I'll do anything that you want," confesses our lovestruck hero in the track's opening lyrics and throughout the remainder of the delectable two-minute offering. And while the sentiment is surely lovelorn, at no point does it ever feel sappy. Simultaneously blending nostalgic '70s funk and the inane lyricism of early West Coast rap, "Anything You Want" arrives as a lighthearted, veritable earworm.  

The genre-bending purveyor has an undeniable gift for instilling his leftfield, comedic lyricism behind an array surf-rock cool, leaving us with record after record that feels all too comfortable to be left played on repeat.

Listen to "Anything You Want" below: