Joesef’s Music Is a Survivor’s Guide for the Heartbroken


Photo By: Nathan Dunphy

Joesef is a twenty-five-year-old soul singer from Glasgow, Scotland. His music is the perfect amalgamation of heartbreak, commitment, regret, blind joy, and impending disappointment over upbeat Amy-Winehouse style production. Joesef's musical backstory is like something out of a romantic comedy. He first learned to play guitar for a girl. He was looking to impress a girl that he liked, so he asked her to teach him how to play guitar so he could spend time with her. Sadly, it didn't end up working out for him because she eventually started dating one of his friends but thankfully for us, he learned how to play guitar. Most people walk away from their crushes with regrets, resentment, and a grudge. Joesef walked away with a new skill.

Even though he knew how to play guitar, he still wasn't at the point where he was taking music that serious. The next step in his musical journey that would lead to the beginning of the Play Me Something Nice EP was very serendipitous. After a night of excessive drinking due to another bout of heartbreak, Joesef ended up at his friend's studio. While at the studio, his friend heard him sing a bit and encouraged him to sing more. That night, he recorded a song for the first time and the rest is history.

In October of 2019, Joesef released Play Me Something Nice, a six-song EP featuring previously released songs "Limbo," "Don't Give In," and the hit "Loverboy." Releasing to instant critical acclaim, Play Me Something Nice displayed the earnest and open songwriting that has helped Joesef win over endearing fans all over the world. Joesef's music is relatable because of how he effectively incorporates the carousel of emotions attached to a breakup. Het not only examines what his partner did wrong, but he also identifies the part he played in the deterioration of the relationship. Joesef's production style is utilitarian but beautiful. It's the perfect saucer to the soothing cup of tea that is Joesef's voice.

Following the acclaim of Play Me Something Nice, Joesef amassed a significant following and is currently sitting at 1 Million monthly listeners on Spotify. When I asked him about how it feels to have 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify, he said "It feels crazy. I think about what it would look like for a million people to be outside of my window watching me. It's mad to think about." Mad indeed. With new fans and attention, the pressure to produce grows for every artist. With much anticipation, Joesef released his second EP Does It Make You Feel Good? in October. If you liked Play Me Something Nice, you're going to love Does It Make You Feel Good?

Picking up where he left off on his first EP, Joesef is still dealing with heartbreak but as he's matured in real life, so has his music. Speaking on the new EP, Joesef shared,

"This EP draws a line under a relationship that I've written about in Play Me Something Nice, if that EP felt more hopeful, this is the end game.  The bitterness, and the lies that stem from fading love, to the aftermath of dealing with loss and regret, and finally taking responsibility for my own actions. I don't really give much away ever, so it will always make me feel uncomfortable sharing such personal aspects of my life, but maybe if it can help me work some shit out, it could help somebody else too."

Does It Make You Feel Good? is a portrait of a blossoming artist mired in his own issues but slowly making his way through. Listen to Does it Make You Feel Good? below.