John K Is the Sonic Personification of an Eternal Summer


Photo: Easton Schirra

"It was never that I gave up on music, it was music that never gave up on me." John K's story is one bound to hit home. Showcasing an undeniable bond between an artist and his true passion, John K is making an impact within the music industry and growing as organically as they come.

Growing up, John K was gifted a voice recorder from his grandmother. He began recording voice memos without a single inkling of how much of an impact the humble recording device would have on his future. Needless to say, a young John K put it to good use. He clearly remembers sitting and analyzing songs, thinking to himself, "How could I do that? How could I make that better?" 

John K started to develop a talent he didn't know he had. But, music wasn't what he was striving to tackle in the long run. John K was set to walk onto the UCF football team during his freshman year of college, but soon after suffered from ruptured back, ultimately ending his football career for good.

John K recalls, "I thought football was my thing. I thought it was my gift… my in. I thought it was everything. And suddenly, that was just gone. I was just in a really dark and confusing time." But it wasn't until he was trying to find a pick-me-up that he realized music was his route. During his transitional period, John K found himself behind the keys jamming with his UCF buddies.

John K had many supporting his music dream after his football career came to a halt, but nobody supported him like his father. John K explains, "My dad was in finance, moved to New York, [worked] a 9 to 5 job and made good money. He saw my passion in music. He basically said 'You can do what I did and make money, but I see more for you. I think we should give this music thing a shot. I think you have a gift. So, let's move to Nashville. Let's go make it happen.' That was a really pivotable point for me. To not only believe in myself, but believe that this was possible."

John K released his debut EP if we never met earlier this year. The EP has genuine, raw, and level of organic emotion that really breaks down walls for his listeners. "Rum n Tequila" kicks off the EP with a soulful melody and rhythm guitar that is instantly embedded into your brain. But, it's the title track "if we never met" that really provides a standout moment. The song is easily identifiable for listeners who have found "the one," and what life may be like if they never made that irreplaceable connection. 

However, if we never met is just the start for John K. The EP is simple, yet intriguing. Leaving his fans wondering where he is bound to go next with his music. Watching the progression of his songs from his first release, to the release of his EP, you can see a continuous growth within his sound. John K is the inspiration we all look for when life knocks you down and you're struggling to get back up.