John-Robert Makes Long-Awaited Debut with Folky & Melancholic “Adeline” [NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY]


Photo Credit: Spencer Ford

It's not every day we see major talents rising from Edinburg, Virginia, but today we've been blessed with the emotive stylings of singer-songwriter John-Robert. For many years of his childhood, John-Robert's father would take the blossoming musician and his siblings on destinationless drives to intentionally lose themselves in nature. It was during these spontaneous outings that John-Robert discovered his undeniable passion for singing in the back of a minivan, howling along to Styx.

By age nine, John-Robert was already ahead of the game by performing at local open mics, cafes, and county fairs. Finally on his 12th birthday, he was gifted a gorgeous guitar, which was something he always dreamt of owning. As a teenager, John-Robert used YouTube as a global platform for sharing his musical gift with his supportive audience as he covered artists like Coldplay and The Kooks with his acoustic guitar. One of his proudest moments, John-Robert graduated high school a year early and earned a scholarship to Berklee College of Music.


Fast forward to present day, and 18-year-old John-Robert has finally unveiled his first soul-stirring single, "Adeline." With the purest of acoustics, "Adeline" is a heart-wrenching ballad about John-Robert's bittersweet relationship with unrequited love. Although the topic of this song may be melancholic, John-Robert's stripped-back style is utterly refreshing and comforting.

Shot and edited by Hunter Lyon, the accompanying music video for "Adeline" depicts John-Robert fully clothed in a Chinese Water Torture Cell filled with water to his chin. Although he isn't chained up, John-Robert's body appears to be rigid and uneasy as he pours his heart out in song. By the end of the exhilarating visual, John-Robert succumbs to heartbreak and tragically plunges his head into the water.

Keep your head above water with John-Robert's "Adeline" music video below: