John The Blind Embraces His Laid Back Personality in Acoustic “Sticky” Video [PREMIERE]


Photo Credit: Jimmy Fontaine

With only two released singles, John The Blind is hot off the press. The mastermind behind the solo project, John Henry Ryan II couldn't be more thrilled to unveil the acoustic video for his latest lo-fi single, "Sticky." A graduate from Berklee College of Music, Ryan's admiration of the Beatles inspired him to begin pursuing music in today's flourishing industry. By his early 20s, Ryan was recognized as one of pop music's most in-demand songwriters, with established names like Harry Styles, Maroon 5, and John Legend under his belt. Now performing with full creative control as John The Blind, the highly-praised singer-songwriter plans to release his debut EP this year, but first he's treating us to a stripped down version of the enthralling "Sticky."

John The Blind's honest lyricism in "Sticky" reflects on the frustration of being unable to express how you truly feel about someone you're undeniably attracted to in efforts to avoid an uncomfortable situation. Although he's already released the gratifying studio version of "Sticky," John The Blind takes it one step further by ironically taking a step back and focusing on the simple acoustics of the stunning track. 

The awakening visual for the stripped "Sticky" opens with an establishing shot of a quiet neighborhood surrounded by abundant shrubbery. The tranquil scene then continues with John The Blind and a fellow guitarist out in nature performing "Sticky" with just one laptop, one amplifier, two guitars, and three microphones.

On "Sticky," John The Blind exclusively shared with us,

"My last song, 'Two Months,' was about the period of time it takes to figure out where an intimate relationship stands. 'Sticky' has a similar uncertainty to it. There's always that one person you're attracted to, but you can't tell them because it would make an absolute mess. The production and vocals capture that feeling… They're a bit under the surface and secretive. So you're willing to take that risk with someone but will they feel the same?"

Ones To Watch has your first look at the "Sticky" acoustic video below: