Jordan Rakei Transports Us to a Dystopian Future in “Mind’s Eye”


Jordan Rakei returns from his studio hibernation with the release of a soulful pop single, "Mind's Eye." The new single marks his first solo project since the 2018 single "Wildfire." Fresh out of hibernation, we are more than ready to hear what this alternative R&B singer-songwriter has been cooking up for 2019 and beyond.

"Mind's Eye" was inspired by the visions of dystopian futures depicted in television shows like Black Mirror, The Handmaid's Tale and Twin Peaks: The Return. After watching tales of an imagined dystopia play out, Rakei retrospectively reflected on humanity and then imagined what the future could look like. The single describes a future in which technology is no longer just something people carry around, but is implanted inside of the human body. Rakei spoke further on the underlying meaning of "Mind's Eye," explaining,

"The subject of the song is experiencing a technological malfunction which is flooding his mind's eye with projections of chaos causing him to question his reality."

The Australian native moved to London in 2015 and signed to Ninja Tune. Two years later, he released his sophomore album Wallflower, where Rakei took explored a breathtaking modern soul approach. The album captured his emotional move to London and adjusting to his new lifestyle. While the singer has settled in his new city, his music style has changed. "Mind's Eye" is a noted departure compared to Rakei's past work. His new single is upbeat and fused with soothing melodies, while his past album was filled with self-reflective ballads. Regardless of where his inspiration draws him, his repertoire of music highlights a sophisticated talent as both a singer-songwriter and producer. 

Be sure to catch Jordan Rakei headlining a handful of intimate European and US shows this May and June!