Jordan Tariff Leaves His Old Self Behind in Moody Visual for “Warning Shot” [PREMIERE]


In spite of being faced with a reality that should have left Jordan Tariff unable to ever pursue his dream, the young artist has preserved to deliver a musical vision that is vulnerable yet resoundingly confident. The 22-year-old aspiring artist's journey is one that seemed doomed from the outset, following a diagnosis with a rare lung disease that doctors believed would leave him unable to ever sing again. Yet, in his debut single, "Warning Shot," we are introduced to a Tariff who not only sounds like he has been honing his craft his whole life but emanates a degree of musical promise that is unwavering, refusing to be extinguished no matter what the world may throw his way.

Tariff captures his inability to take no for an answer in the visual accompaniment for his debut single "Warning Shot," premiering here at Ones To Watch. Directed by Steven Taylor, Tariff presents a moody and captivating representation of moving on from your past self in spite of what everyone around you may be thinking, and it has us hooked. The haunting imagery, existing behind a constant, lingering fog feels perfectly at home for a track that simultaneously manages to evoke comparisons to James Blake's production stylings and make one's jaw drop upon hearing Tariff's impressive vocal range. Tariff shared on creating the music video for "Warning Shot," sharing,

"When talking to Steven Taylor about the direction of the video, we wanted the visual to represent me leaving my old self behind, even if everyone is looking or judging or doubting. We wanted it to look and feel isolating, the way a lot of us feel in tough times of our lives. But ultimately strong and ready to take on whatever lies ahead."

"Warning Shot" stays wholly true to its name. This debut single and its entrancing music video signals Tariff's declaration as an artist who will not, and should not, be taken lightly in the year to come. 

Watch the video for "Warning Shot" below: