Jordane Delivers a Transfixing Debut With “Walk” [Premiere]


For many of us, the relative isolation of Perth, Australia’s western-most city, would be enough solitude, but for Jordane it was not. While she admits that she always had creative impulses, Jordane the artist was a long time in the making, and it took a relocation during the pandemic to the mythically isolated town of Alice Springs to create the space needed to concentrate on her craft. 

"After moving away to work remotely I had given up on a lot of the music ventures that I had goals of but since moving to Alice Springs, the artistic community has opened my eyes to so many opportunities some of which I would have not had in the city. I'm now so lucky that I have the ability to continue my music," shares Jordane.

As a debut single, "Walk" shows just how effective that self-isolation was, a mercurial Afro-Caribbean beat and scratchy guitar melodies drive a narrative of finding her own voice through - you guessed it - separating herself for perspective. Jordane says of the single, "Change is what I was craving and going out into the middle of nowhere was where I was able to find a stronger
identity of mine." 

Despite her nascent status you immediately sense lyricism is a strength of hers; she has an everyday approach to storytelling, lending her lyrics an intimate vulnerability, a secret between friends over a beautiful harmony. Combine that with her clear vision for sonic identity - she avoids complacency by fighting off generic cliches - and you’ve got the structure for both growth and exploration. If music is coping, then we are in for a wondrous healing process as Jordane hones in on her expressive sound. Given she admits her love for live performance, hopefully this single will lead to a long walkabout of shows near us soon.

Listen to "Walk" below:

Jordane · Jordane - Walk