Quirky, Charismatic, and Creative: Josie Dunne Finds Her Niche in ‘Late Teens / Early Twenties’

Photo: Bree Fish

22-year-old singer-songwriter Josie Dunne is no stranger to the ebb and flow of youthful self-discovery. Currently occupying that peculiar time in life, nearing the edge of adolescence while dipping a toe into the plights of adulthood, Dunne explores coming of age with a quirky twist in her sophomore EP Late Teens / Early Twenties.   

Utilizing sugary, soul-infused pop songwriting as a catalyst, the six-track EP is brimming with compelling bops while proudly showcasing the considerable strides Dunne has made in the Nashville songwriting community. A community she holds close to heart, having been first acquainted with the scene in her teens while still in high school, Dunne credits much of her growth as a writer to this tight knit network, who are not only her collaborators but have become her close friends.    

Late Teens / Early Twenties features five previously-released tracks, including fan-favorites "Stay The Way I Left You," featuring Dahl, "Oh La La," and "Same," while premiering the new acoustic-driven ballad "Lost." The new release is joined with a visual companion directed by Joey Brodnax and was filmed during quarantine.

Featuring images of Dunne inside the comfort of her red-brick home, Brodnax captures casual images of Dunne through various windows, allowing for a peak into Dunne's quarantined life. Whether playing guitar with her bird safely secured on her head or simply brushing her teeth, the video gives forth special feelings of enchantment by way of the simplest measures.  

A noteworthy step in the budding artist's career, Late Teens / Early Twenties captures the very essence of Dunne, allowing her to find her sound while sharing the parts that make her so uniquely her. Late Teens / Early Twenties is only the beginning of a world made better by the sounds of the quirky, creative and charismatic, Josie Dunne.  

Listen to Late Teens / Early Twenties below: