Juice Drops a Late Contender For Song of the Summer With “Superimposed”


Photo: Samuel David Katz

Juice lights up speakers with their new energetic, dance-electric hit, "Superimposed." Animated with comically-infused and astute songwriting, Juice whips up a summer anthem that is surefire to get listeners off their seats.

The self-doubt found within the messaging of "Superimposed" is quickly transformed into self-acceptance as the track races toward a fever pitch. The production invites you to dance, to express yourself authentically, and to celebrate the crazy within yourself. Through juxtaposing heartache with dynamic and lively melody, the group hints at their pop, electric and alternative influences.

There is not much discretion or metaphorical accolades to be found in "Superimposed," rather the group employs a refreshing directness in their deliver. "Or did I blame you for everything / When it was my fake vision of everything / That I just superimposed on your life that was already broken," sings Juice before launching into an '80s-evoking dance breakdown. 

Juice is made up of Ben Stevens, Christian Rose, Daniel Moss, Kamau Burton, Michael Ricciardulli, Miles Clyatt, and Rami El-Abidin. The collaborative nature of the artists give off a structural similarity of BROCKHAMPTON but the energy and sonics distinctly call to mind The Neighborhood, The band CAMINO, and The Kid Laroi. "Superimposed" is the first look at their forthcoming project, Boy Story, set to release later this fall. 

Listen to "Superimposed" below: