Julian Skiboat's “Flowers" Is a Comforting Dreamy Escape

Julian Skiboat has dropped his new single "Flowers." You know that feeling when the golden rays of sunshine hits your skin and warms you up, making you feel safe again? That’s “Flowers.” The psych/pop, jazz-infused track is a vibey escape that's both uplifting and comforting. Encompassing gentle positivity and hopefulness in what will be, Skiboat shares, "I think with my upcoming songs and projects I really want to dive into that kind of like ‘it could be worse, I can make it through this’ message."

Somewhat delicate just like flowers, the song begins with woozy guitar riffs and Skiboat's dopey, gritty familiar voice, which runs gently atop the mesmerizing soundscape. The drums slowly pick up adding a little boost of energy and hope to the mantra of the track: everything gets better. "Flowers’’ has groovy, expressive melodies that cry on the keys and a jazz tinge that adds that overall hazy, chill sound. The gentle tone of the song is organic and fresh, reminding you to relax, feel what you need to and then remember the positives. The electro-acoustic vibes create space for the lyrics and vocal tone to penetrate your ears in clouds of bliss and peace.

Something truly subliminal and divine about "Flowers" is its ability to give you permission to feel both sad and happy whilst submerging yourself amongst those jazzy waves. It's a safe place but one where you can slow-bop and boogie if you feel like it too.

Listen to "Flowers" below.