Julius Displays an Infectious  Emotional Vulnerability on “take me to the moon”


New York - born artist Julius makes boundary-pushing pop music. What sets him most apart from his contemporaries is his balance between deeply introspective lyricism and catchy vocal melodies. His earlier singles such as  "Memories" and his part i EP solidify Julius as a multi-talented songwriter who easily conveys relatable emotions while still making them uniquely personal to his own struggles. 

Now based in LA, Julius connects with producer Marinelli for his standout new release titled "take me to the moon." The production on the track draws you in immediately. The instrumental is grand, slow-building, and psychedelic, perfectly matching Julius' self-reflective writing. The end result is a deeply therapeutic track with melodies that will stick in your head long after a single listen. 

Julius is currently gearing up for his part ii project, and if "take me to the moon" is any indication of where he's headed artistically, then part ii is likely going to be a defining moment for the rising artist.

 Listen to "take me to the moon" below: