Kailee Morgue Finds Love and an Exhilirarting New Sound in “Knew You”


Photo: Kayla Dewees

Kailee Morgue is a creature of continual evolution. From first breaking out as an ominous pop force while slinging fast food to establishing herself as a subversive pop wunderkind, each and every turn has brought with it a welcome step forward for the Arizona native. Now, that constant sense of evolution takes form in Morgue's next chapter of her artist journey.

"Knew You" marks the first original single from Morgue in over a year and sees her showing off a previously unseen degree of vulnerability and dynamic range. Produced by Heavy, the earworm of an offering arrives as the pop siren's first tried-and-true love song. Morgue spoke further on the underlying feeling behind her return single, sharing,

"I've finally allowed myself to start writing love songs and about relationships. I never indulged in this style before. I'd just gotten into a relationship where I was constantly writing about love and that dynamic. I was super playful, but honest. I'm being really open."

That is not to say "Knew You" and Morgue's next wave is all sunshine and roses. Unadulterated affection is delivered against a backdrop of electric guitar and swelling production, giving the entire affair a slight edge. Reminiscent of early '00s female-led pop punk, "Knew You" balances its infectious pop nature with its exhilarating, guitar-driven undertones and the sardonic wit found in lines like "You hate everyone as much as I do / I think that's why I like you."

The next evolution for Morgue is one that connects the punk ethos found in the records that shaped her with an impeccable knack for what exactly makes a lasting pop song. In her own words,

"In female pop, there's more anger than ever. There are less women singing about their isolation and loneliness; there are more women screaming and being very forward about how they feel. I love that energy, so I tried to translate the power of older hardcore music into modern production. I realized you can make pop music with a punk spirit. I finally embraced the attitude."

Listen to "Knew You" below: