Kembe X’s “Scared” Is an Honest and Aggressive Lyrical Display


The Chicago born rapper Kembe X is a master at conveying internal struggle over dark and ominous instrumentals. His 2019 album I Was Depressed Until I Made This is an introspective and authentic showcase of Kembe X's mental state.

His new single "Scared" is equally as lyrically thought provoking and genuine. With the help of rap veteran Denzel Curry, Kembe X raps of existential fear and running from his problems. The instrumental, produced by frequent collaborator Opi Tayler, is eerie and compliments the writing of the two emcees perfectly. Denzel Curry sounds as aggressive and energetic as ever as he reflects on the current state of the world around him. 

Kembe X maintains his hot streak with "Scared" and reaffirms what makes his music so interesting – honesty and courage. Kembe X is able to capture mental health through "Scared" in a unique way incomparable to any other rappers.

Listen to "Scared (feat. Denzel Curry)" by Kembe X below: