Kiana Ledé’s “Can I” Will Have You Singing Along & Texting Your Tinder Match

Kiana Ledé's latest single "Can I" is extremely hard to get out of your head, but we're not mad about it. The R&B singer-songwriter and actress is fresh off of her sold out debut tour and ready to woo the world with her smooth, mesmerizing R&B sound in her latest single.

The Arizona-native is embracing her feelings in "Can I," a steamy fusion of key R&B and pop sounds. Ledé's vocals wave through trap beats as she sings about hookup culture and overthinking. She explores the idea of impulsiveness and giving into one's desires, to eventually fall into those instincts because - why not?

The songstress also released a gorgeous video that's enchanting viewers with its stunning visuals and audio. The video stays true to the meaning of the song, featuring Ledé holding herself back, gazing out a window at her potential mans, staring into space as she fidgets with a coffee mug, and pacing around - killing time and waiting for that text back has never looked better. The visuals are hypnotizing, with hazy camera shots and fluid motions, drawing viewers in and making it hard not to hit replay.

The songstress also has a few retro-inspired modern outfit changes, which makes the video that much better. Ledé's energy in the song and video are confident and unapologetic. Her art is giving listeners (and viewers) the confidence they need to get out there and do their thing.

You can watch the dreamy video soundtracked to Ledé's latest hit here:

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