Kim Petras Has a Fun Night Out in “Blow It All”


The queen of pop has returned with a bang. Three exceptional pieces of pop delivered to us over three weeks? Kim Petras is working hard, "securing the bag," and we couldn't be more in love. Beginning her trail of releases with "Broken," the slow-burning jam of our dreams, Petras allows us into her not-so-joyous, but still glamorous, world of pop. Following this bop is another iconic collaboration with songwriter Jesse Saint John, "Got My Number." We didn't get Miss Petras' number, but she did leak Saint John's. She concludes this trio with her latest single, "Blow It All." All three songs stray from Petras' classic pure pop sound, dipping her toe into the R&B and hip hop waters with her unique use of trap beats. This new sound has us wondering what the experimental icon has in store.

Kim Petras is no stranger to having a great time. From beginning "Hillside Boys" with the sound of her hitting a bong to popping one in the "Hills," Petras knows how to have fun. Unlike those pop gems, Petras infuses hints of R&B into her latest playful tune. "Blow It All" finds Petras having a wild night on the town, collecting phone numbers with her "cup full of liquor" where she finds the "key to life." She recognizes that this fun is all due to her hard work, since she "came from the bottom," put in the work, and now has her "money right." Despite all this indulgence, there is a feeling of emptiness, a yearning for more than one night of fun. Ending the song with a slightly warped version of her signature Woo-Ah!, Petras ushers in a new era that has us beyond excited for her debut album.

In addition to these stellar songs, Petras announced her Broken Tour traveling across the U.S. Witness the pop princess live at the dates below: