King Princess’ “Cheap Queen” Has the Makings of 2019′s Pride Month Anthem


When it comes to making people cry, King Princess doesn't stop at grown men. With the release of her first solo single of 2019, "Cheap Queen," she has all of us bopping through the tears. King Princess, AKA queer Brooklynite Mikaela Straus, has given the world an undeniably authentic electropop track that is catchy and fun in a lowkey way (and right in time for pride month)!

"Cheap Queen" has King Princess professing that she can be good, bad, "cocky," and so on - a genuine glance at the pop-icon checking herself. The track is about a few things: true friends, keeping one another accountable, and being honest with who you are and what you're capable of doing - which all just wraps up into what it's like to be a young adult in 2019.

To the 20-year-old, "it's better than money to know that you call me out / But when the money’s out / I can make grown men cry." This ruthless, confident energy is why King Princess is the pop, queer icon the world needs. "Cheap Queen" is smooth, candid, and playful; embodying the person King Princess is. The song has a glowy chorus that slightly picks up the pace and exposes King Princess' angelic vocals as they slide through a clunky beat.

Also, the cover for the latest release is a stunning visual of King Princess with drag-inspired makeup, proving that she's a queer queen in two different senses of the word. King Princess has teased the song before, and left fans eager with anticipation as they awaited the song's imminent arrival on streaming platforms.

The pop songstress, with music that's heavily influenced by bands such as Perfume Genius, whose songs she's remixed and covered, has already accumulated a large cult following. The countdown to the release of her highly anticipated debut album is ticking, and post "Cheap Queen" drop, we're all waiting on the edge of our seats to see, and hear, what King Princess has next.

This is simply the beginning of King Princess' impact.

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