King Princess Joins the Legendary Fiona Apple to Reimagine “I Know”


King Princess, the songwriter-producer that broke into the limelight with her 2018 single "1950" and her debut EP, Make My Bed, has done it once again. The Brooklyn-bred songstress satisfies our hunger for new music with "I Know," a modernized cover and collaboration with pop icon, Fiona Apple.

The song, which was originally released on Apple's 1999 album, When The Pawn…, gives us something new from Apple whose last album release was in 2012. Featuring Apple's bluesy-soulful vocals harmonizing alongside King Princess, the new take on "I Know" is King Princess' tribute to the slow-churning ballad.

King Princess, born under the name Mikaela Straus, is the daughter of Olive Straus, a recording engineer who showed her the ropes of the music scene. Heavily influenced by rock legends Led Zeppelin and Jack White, King Princess turned down a record deal at 11 years-old and began paving her own path in the music world at the University of Southern California. She left shortly after to pursue the industry, resulting in the immense success of "1950," which has over 191 million streams on Spotify and is an ode to the LGBTQ community.

You can catch King Princess on her first headlining tour with a slew shows and festivals lined up for 2019. And don't forget to check out the much-anticipated collaboration below: