Kllo Breaks a Year-Long Silence With the Wistful “Back To You”


The connection between cousins Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam continues to bring forward sincere bangers through their joint venture Kllo. Reigning from Melbourne, Australia, the group began releasing music with their debut EP Cusp. Following the group's success with their debut album, 2017′s Backwater, the duo spent a great amount of time touring the world with stops in London, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, to just name a few. 

While their 2017 release would be followed by the spellbinding "Potential" and "Candid," 2019 has been relatively silent for the duo. Well, at least until now. "Back To You" arrives ahead of Kllo's forthcoming world tour.

Featuring a lovely blend of angelic vocals, wistful layers, and even some trap drums, "Back To You" brims with excitement and promise. With high hats and claps that juxtapose the serene vocal performance, the end result is an intriguing soundscape that brings forward an innovative approach to both the worlds of contemporary anti-pop and electronica. 

The theme of the track echoes a tale we all know far too well - the idea of pulling back into a lost connection and hoping to feel the same sensations once again. Further, Kaul and Lam question what it could mean to rekindle this flame and what the consequences would be. The second verse questions, "If we miss the boat, would it come back someday?," echoing the many what-ifs of life. 

As the song comes to a close, the reverb drowned lyrics float over a few subtle piano keys come across, as a sort of sonic cliffhanger. As the reverb and autotune mixing eventually drown out the vocals, the listener is left to wonder what it may mean to go "Back To You." 

After a near calendar year of silence, the return of Kllo is anything but underwhelming. The growth in the duo is apparent. "Back To You" is not your typical lets-get-back-together track, flourishing in its ability to create a cinematic soundscape of drifting through sounds and emotions. With a world tour on the horizon and a gorgeous debut now in the wind of their sails, Kllo is ready to further their growth and continue to craft innovative hits for their quickly growing audience.

Watch the lyric video for "Back To You" below: