kmoe’s “iced tea” Is a Vibrant Expression of Versatility


Vancouver-based 16-year-old kmoe refuses to be boxed in. The current hyperpop scene has exploded this year and one of the most exciting collectives FROMTHEHEART has another star member on their hands. kmoe is paving the way for himself with a DIY attitude and an unorthodox approach. He embodies this growing scene, but on his own terms. Each track sounds completely different from the last and "iced tea" is no exception. 

His earlier release "fumes," with the enigmatic blackwinterwells, is abrasive, experimental, and loud. kmoe's production abilities are front and center as the two artists experiment with glitchy vocal lines.

Contrastingly, "iced tea" is a catchy alternative pop record that shows off kmoe's versatility. The self-produced instrumental is skeletal and focuses on piano and the accompanying horns. The real stand out of the track is kmoe's sticky and earworm melodies.

The DIY music video for the track, directed by kmoe himself, shows the youthful energy that makes both kmoe and the entire underground hyperpop scene so appealing.

kmoe is able to reinvent himself in a unique and refreshing way on every new track. Look out for new music and stay tuned in to the star in the making.

Listen to "iced tea" by kmoe below: