kmoe’s Unconventional Style Makes “flutter” a Must Listen


kmoe can't be defined by a single genre or sound. Listening to his previous release "iced tea" and comparing it to his earlier track "peroxide," you would almost think the songs came from two different artists. The Vancouver native came up through the growing hyperpop scene and he embodies this genreless sound and disposition. 

"flutter" is a pop ballad with an electronic instrumental and a climactic build to a glitchy outro. The track sounds like James Blake meets osquinn. kmoe's vocals are commanding and smooth and his songwriting is wise beyond his years. 

The self-directed music video reaffirms that kmoe has a clear identity for himself as an artist. The video is simplistic and DIY, but perfectly fitting for the nostalgic tone of the track.

"flutter" shows kmoe blending pop and electronic music in an unorthodox and abrasive way that demands attention. In a saturated landscape, kmoe stands out from contemporaries and refuses to be to pinned down.

Listen to "flutter" by kmoe below: