Kuri Emotionally Bares All in Stunning New Visual For “Human Nature” [PREMIERE]


Canadian artist Kuri premieres the new stunningly cinematic visuals for his single entitled "Human Nature" today.  The track showcases warm, delicate vocals atop light acoustic strumming, while the lyrics narrate different chapters of his life, such as pondering a breakup, a close friend moving away, and six people he saw every day disappearing from his life. Reminiscent of Sigur Rós and Thom Yorke, the melancholy track takes an inside look at how we respond to life’s difficulties.

The visuals beautifully portray an attractive couple in a picturesque setting. Despite a seemingly perfect scenario, the man seems to be madly in love with a woman who is disengaged. Is he desperately trying to fill his emptiness with something artificial? Kuri succeeds in touching upon important themes of loneliness, self-worth, loss and attachment.  

A singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Kuri considers himself a keen observer. Kuri creates songs with sweeping melodies and lyrics which underscore philosophical questions. He affirms, 

"I like to watch, analyze, and create systems in my brain. As a solo artist, I enjoy the freedom to express exactly what I want by drawing on what I see. I want to be candid and hopefully encourage others to do the same. I hope they feel something." 

Born Scott Currie in the city of Abbotsford, British Columbia, he grew up in a small Mennonite community. This close-knit religious environment incited a curious nature and a sense of questioning in Kuri. At a young age, his mom bought him a drum set to jam with his guitarist siblings, soon after he transitioned to piano and began crafting introspective songs about love and loss.

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