Kyle Dion, UMI, and Duckwrth Make for an R&B Dream Team in “Play Too Much”


Photo: Saru

Some might say that the word "love" has lost its meaning. As traditional relationships decline and nontraditional means of showing affection rise, the rate at which we progress our romantic endeavors is changing, but is that really such a bad thing? Comprised of R&B dream team, Kyle Dion, Duckwrth, and UMI, the trio coquettishly plays with the idea of the "L" word and the mixture of hope and trepidation it can bring.    

In the first single from Dion's upcoming SUGA Deluxe Album, set to release February 28, the R&B crooner flaunts his honeyed vocals and keen sense of groove. Originally written by Dion and Duckwrth, whose friendship dates back several years, the pair immediately knew that UMI's breezy voice was the necessary element to complete their masterpiece.   

Dion wastes no time with the opening line "Sit your ass on me / Want you close / You've been gone for a little," over a slapping rhythm and playful synth. With the pre-chorus, a shift in momentum and instrumentation accompanies, as over crisp double claps and jazz-infused chordsUMI's vocal is introduced. The pair sing in tandem, their tones blending seamlessly, leading into UMI's solo in the chorus where she admits the urgency of the situation.  

If Dion and UMI swoon, Duckwrth slays. Interweaving three varying rhythmic patterns and cleverly describing wanting to “pump the breaks" with a few casual one-liners, Duckwrth perfectly completes the youthfully free essence of the track. As we dance to the end, Kyle riffs and ad-libs, leaving us with the final spoken sentiment "You know, you know, you know / I got to play / Uh, I just, I just need some time / Some time to align."   

Listen to "Play Too Much" below: