LÉON and Grey Join Forces in the Inimitably Infectious “Want You Back”


The most brilliant of collaborations are often the result of the collision of two unexpected forces, thus giving life to a newfound musical energy. LÉON and Grey's "Want You Back" is that rare sort of collaboration. LÉON, who has made a name for herself with a distinctively soulful approach to pop music, lends her impressive vocals to Grey's latest radio-ready hit. Yes, the same Grammy-nominated duo responsible for the banger heard around the world that is the Maren Morris and Zedd - assisted "The Middle."

While LÉON's soul-bearing approach to pop may at first seem like a far cry from Grey's otherworldly future production, the two find a synergy that leverages their unique strengths to create an out of this world match made in heaven. As LÉON soulfully laments over a lover she let go, Grey bring to life the lush world of "Want You Back," adorning the soundscape with a rush of piano, reverberating beats, and impeccable instrumentation. 

LÉON spoke on the collaboration, sharing,

"I'm so happy that this song is finally out in the world! Working with Kyle and Michael on this one has been so fun and special, and I'm really proud of being a part of it. Ever since I recorded it with them, I've been looking forward to you guys hearing it. Hopefully, you'll love it as much as I do."


Photo: Koury Angelo

The overwhelming love felt for the track isn't limited to LÉON and us here at Ones To Watch either, with Michael Trewartha, who makes up one half of Grey, adding,

"'Want You Back' really shows the scope of our sound for the first time. We were listening to LÉON a lot and thought she would fit perfectly. She ultimately did. Musically, we want to bring something weird and unique to pop. This song does that. It all felt meant to be."

"Want You Back" not only further cements Grey's certain future as an electronic duo poised for further world domination but signifies LÉON's undeniable future in the world of pop. This unexpected foray is her first step forward in becoming a household name.

Listen to "Want You Back" below and be sure to keep an eye peeled for exciting LÉON announcements to come: