Lani Rose Prescribes Compassion for Repairing a “Damaged” Relationship [PREMIERE]


With social media governing friendly and familial relationships via likes, comments, and followers, older generations fear that ours is losing its ability to communicate effectively and sincerely with other humans. In 2019, it's become commonplace for the end of a relationship to come about by means of a text, DM, or lack thereof. 

Enter Lani Rose, a fresh-faced trans-genre artist whose goal is to instill courage, compassion, and self-love in his listeners through his music. Rather than engaging in a Twitter feud or posting a multi-page rant on Snapchat, he has poured his pain and hardships into his new single.


Lani Rose, known to friends and family as Myles Anderson, hails from St. Louis, Missouri and drops the second of four tracks for his debut series later today. "Damaged" deals with the complicated relationship between Rose and his brother which he has struggled to navigate. Rather than focusing on an unrequited crush or chronicling a wild night getting messed up with friends, Rose intends to write about real problems that everyone can relate to. He hopes to console those who have struggled with similar issues by letting them know that they are understood and that forgiveness and acceptance will help them overcome. Despite the hurtful acts and disrespect that has arisen out of Rose's complicated relationship with his brother, his lyrics convey an earnest desire for unity and reconciliation. 

Rose shared on the content of "Damaged," 

"The song itself is me trying to figure out the mature way for me to go about fixing what we have since we are so close, or at least supposed to be. There was this revolving door in how we went about communicating."

On large, Rose hopes to accurately reflect the issues that afflict our families and communities through his music, while offering up thoughtful and sincere messages about how to combat them. With pristine Frank Ocean-esque production that walks the line between soft alternative and smooth R&B, this multifaceted singer, songwriter, and producer has all the right sounds and all the right messages. 

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