Latinx Psych-Rockers of Inner Wave Reflect on Their Journey to Fame in Wavy ‘wya’


Photo Credit: Justin Brooks

Straight out of Inglewood, CA, is a Latinx psych rock band taking the indie world by storm, and they go by the name of Inner Wave. With most band members playing together since they were 13 years old, Inner Wave fuses together elements of indie rock, Latin beats, hip hop, and R&B. Following their 2018 album, Underwater+, Inner Wave is now back in action with their fantastic new EP, wya.

The five-track collection begins with "Why'd You Have To Act Like That Though," which opens with sound effects similar to a high-pitched dolphin squeal. The wavy tune is a proclamation of the search for happiness that may not be as straightforward as we think. Then we're led straight into "Oof," a track very nostalgic of the old school Inner Wave sound we hear in their first full-length record, III (LP 2013).

Continuing with wavy instrumentals, "Six AM" reflects on casual relationships that eventually become complicated as people begin to develop feelings for the other. "Mushroom" is layered with groovy rhythm guitars and refreshing bass lines that are just too good to pass up. wya closes with "Mate," which hears Inner Wave experimenting with the grooviest of instrumentals.

Get lost in Inner Wave's wavy righteousness with wya below:

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