Lauren Sanderson Accepts the Love She Deserves in “Frustrated” [Premiere]


We're so self-conscious about ourselves when it comes to relationships. It can feel like our whole personality is up for scrutiny and it sucks. Lauren Sanderson's new single "Frustrated" explores all of that. The track is the first release from the deluxe version of her album Midwest Kids Can Make It Big due out later this month. 

"Frustrated" puts a moody hue on the alt-pop sound she does so well. It's the perfect soundtrack for a night drive alone with your feelings riding shotgun. "Frustrated" delivers a subdued tense energy throughout as Sanderson sings of going after the love she knows she deserves. Sanderson shared her insight into the song, 

"So many times I’ve felt myself shutting down when I didn’t want to. Anxiety can dig deep like that. That fear of being vulnerable can convince you your feelings are “too much” or you need to be “less” to be wanted. But you can’t believe those thoughts. This song is a f*ck you to anxiety and a letter to my lover - you’re everything I’ve ever wanted and I’m not running anymore."

Listen to "Frustrated" below: