LEISURE’s Orgasmic Psychedelia Is Certainly “Too Much Of A Good Thing”


Although LEISURE has released a gratifying string of singles over the past few months, we definitely haven't had enough of the New Zealand outfit quite yet. Staying true to their fundamental elements of groove, melody, and vibe, LEISURE is the psychedelic pop group that's quickly taking over playlists everywhere. Ahead of their forthcoming second album TWISTER, LEISURE is treating us to yet another brilliant tune, "Too Much Of A Good Thing."

"Too Much Of A Good Thing" focuses on our habitual overindulgence when it comes to practically anything in life, which is a message LEISURE believes everyone should hear. With elements of funk, hip hop, and R&B, "Too Much Of A Good Thing" is rich of hazy bass lines and genre-defying electronics. Although the infectious instrumentals are truly out of this world, orgasmic vocals are really the cherry on top of this feel good tune.

On "Too Much Of A Good Thing," LEISURE shared,

"'Too Much Of A Good Thing' is one of our favorites from the project. It has an instant strut and knock to the beat, we wanted [to] make something you could walk into a party with an entourage in slow-motion to. Lyrically, it's a song about overindulgence and not knowing when to say no. It's about chasing the instant gratification that is so often promised and promoted in today's modern society and never quite being satisfied with the outcome. It's about the rush of hedonism fading and wanting more from life (and yourself)."

Overindulge in LEISURE with "Too Much Of A Good Thing" below:

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