Join LEISURE in the Studio with the Groovy “On My Mind” Live Session [PREMIERE]


Photo Credit: Nicole Brannen

Arguably one of the most versatile five-piece bands from New Zealand, LEISURE specializes in music from an endless range of genres–including 70s funk, 90s hip hop, R&B, and dance. These guys really aren't messing around when they say their releases are based on three fundamental elements: groove, melody, and vibe. With only one full-length album to their name, LEISURE is a driving force that carefully crafts each and every tune with notable patience, just as they've done with "On My Mind."

"On My Mind" deals with an uncontrollable attraction to a significant other, all while attempting to separate us from our destructive egos. Drenched with more-than-worthy guitar licks, "On My Mind" is also drizzled with inviting bass lines and crushing vocals. Since we first covered their sophomore single "Hot Love" in 2015, it's quite clear that LEISURE has expanded their growing sound and will continue to do so in years to come.

Shot entirely in one take, the impressive "On My Mind" live session is performed in a glamorous studio with elegant chandeliers and fancy red drapes. Although this may be the eighteenth take, the final result is everything we could ever ask for from the pop rock quintet. With no shortage of electric guitars, LEISURE delivers a fantastic rendering of "On My Mind" that will keep them on your mind for days.

On the live session of "On My Mind," LEISURE exclusively shared with us,

"The way we make music is often a consequence of atmosphere or room energy, so it was important for us to apply that notion to a big studio space and let the viewer sink in and enjoy the ride with us. We wanted to capture something continuous and dynamic for our first ever recorded live session. 'On My Mind' takes on a new humanized vibrancy and reveals how we come together as a collective."

Ones To Watch has your first look at the "On My Mind" live session below: