Lennon Stella Really is That “BITCH”


Lennon Stella is a bad bitch and she owns it. Her latest single, "BITCH (takes one to know one)" is the sassy anthem we were all asking for. In the true spirit of a strong, independent woman, Stella is giving a voice to everyone who doesn't have the kindest partner. On this powerful song, Stella shared:

"Not to be confused with a girl calling another girl a bitch, this song revolves around the thought of a girl being a BADASS and not willing to put up with her boyfriend saying whatever he wants to her. So when her man calls her a bitch, she gives it right back to him."

Stella is inspiring women to stand up for themselves through her infectious melodies and empowering lyrics. Whenever a woman is called a bitch, usually said "like a joke," they are just supposed to laugh along and take it. Stella provides the inner monologue of every person out there who has been put in this less than ideal situation. Being called a bitch makes "everything [get] blurry" and Stella refuses to take it anymore. She fights back and says "you know what they say, it takes a bitch to know a bitch."

Be that "BITCH" alongside Stella down below:

Stella is going on her "Love, Me" headlining tour this Spring with Valley. Experience this dynamic lady in real life at one of the dates below: