little luna Presents a Moving Sonic Offering in “shift & go: cinematic”


Life is so often certainly not like the movies. With a multitude of twisted plot lines, inconsistencies in character development, and takeaways that often don't reveal themselves until several years down the road, our lives would make one really confusing screen play. Yet, there are those moments in life that feel cinematic, when point A meets point B seamlessly and we begin to understand ourselves and the world around us a bit more clearly.  

For rising artist little luna, the sounds that accompany cinematography have always brought forth a special type of inspiration. So when her single "shift & go" debuted, landing coveted spots on Spotify editorial playlists including New Noise and Fierce Femmes while garnering nearly 50 thousand streams in the first month, extending the reach of this special song was of the utmost importance.  

Teaming up with multiplatinum songwriter and producer Jordan Witzigreuter and violinist Allie Stamler, little luna offers a moving reimagination of the tune which originated in her book of handwritten poetry all those years ago. A moving testament to allowing one to grow and change, "shift & go" represents little luna's sonic journey of re-connecting with her inner child and in that, re-discovering herself.   


Slowing down the tempo and adding new layers of sonic textures, "shift & go: cinematic" brings forth a new and tangible depth to the song. Allowing space for each lyric to ruminate over the cries of Stamler's violin, assisted by a dramatic piano line and burgeoning percussion, "shift & go: cinematic" is a highly emotive but inspiring experience. 

Accompanied by a live music video performance of the song, directed by little luna and Jade Ehlers, featuring little luna and Stamler on their respective instruments performing in a barren room flooded with cool light, little luna gives her audience a taste of her live performance style. Gripping, yet understated, little luna is just as mesmerizing as her message, one that draws the listener in and refuses to let go.  

In her own words,  

"i have a deep love for, and am endlessly inspired by, film scores / soundtracks - Call Me By Your Name, Purple Rain, and 20th Century Women, to name a few of my favorites! i have also always loved the sound of the violin, so when one of my best friends and violinist, Allie Stamler, was as excited as i was about featuring strings to an alternate version of “shift & go”, i knew in my gut that it had to be made. the original track is so special to me, but adding orchestral elements, and letting these lyrics - words that carry so much personal meaning - come to life, helps tell a fuller story of little luna. i could not be more stoked on how "shift & go: cinematic" (and it's one-take music video!) turned out."  

Check out the video for "shift & go (cinematic) below.