Lizzo’s ‘CUZ I LOVE YOU’ Debut Is Your New Self-Love Handbook


Lizzo made waves with her show-stopping performance at weekend one of Coachella, and just in time for weekend two came her highly anticipated debut album, CUZ I LOVE YOU. Lizzo really does love you, as proven by this incredible gift she has bestowed upon the world. The multi-faceted Minneapolis talent has curated an impeccable set of 11 tracks that channel her signature mash-up of powerhouse vocals and smooth rapping.

CUZ I LOVE YOU didn't come easy for Lizzo. After years of fighting her inner demons, she started doing therapy and learned how to truly love, and accept, every part of herself. The self-confidence that helped her grow also assisted her in shedding a light on a more vulnerable, honest side to Lizzo that we haven't had the opportunity to witness before now. Not only is she embracing every side of herself in her music, but she has been killing the social media game. With so many viral tweets, from the iconic "flute and shoot" at her show, to countless twerking videos, fans have fallen in love with Lizzo's genuine personality in addition to her emotionally-charged songs.

Known for her outspoken messages of body positivity, CUZ I LOVE YOU holds nothing back. Lizzo radiates positive energy and is a shining star in terms of advocating what she wants, when she wants it. She kicks off her album with the powerfully raw title track, belting "I'm cryin' cuz I love you." There is no better introduction to the new era of Lizzo than with this track, produced by alt-rock band X Ambassadors.

Following the dynamic "Cuz I Love You" is the feminist anthem "Like A Girl" that has us throwing it back, just like the queen herself. Lizzo is the embodiment of an empowered female, and we are living for it. Making reference to other strong women, Lauryn Hill and Serena Williams, Lizzo is hyping up women around the world in her brilliantly poetic way. The anthem of our dreams is followed by "Juice," the funky nostalgic song showcasing Lizzo's ingenious lyricism. Her goal with "Juice" was to make people feel good by loving themselves, and this song has us feeling better than the influencers tripping out at Coachella.

There's no better love than self-love, and Lizzo proves this in "Soulmate." This pop-infused bop spreads the ideal of being ecstatic with single life, of being in love with yourself (in a non-narcissistic way). The reason our queen is going to marry herself is exposed in the soulful ballad "Jerome." She doesn't have time to deal with immature men, so she is sending his "ass home." Her impatience with games reveals an emotional Lizzo in "Crybaby" – yet another stellar ballad where she has to deal with yet another immature man. Honestly, we're thankful for those men for helping Lizzo write these phenomenal tunes.

Moving on, legendary rap-goddess Missy Elliott joins Lizzo on "Tempo," the body-positive bop that we were all waiting for. Just as the name implies, the song has a bouncing tempo, ideal for Lizzo to "throw it back" to, "for all [her] ass." Not only did Lizzo get Missy Ellitt to join this record, but rap icon Gucci Mane hopped on for "Exactly How I Feel." Channeling a 90's rap vibe, Lizzo and Gucci Mane own their identities and don't let anyone change who they are.

For Lizzo, everything is "Better In Color," and we whole-heartedly agree. This groovy tune urges people to love everyone, with no judgement based on their race. X Ambassadors joins Lizzo once again in producing "Heaven Help Me" to kill the suffocating feeling of love after she feels like her love is killing her. She concludes her album with the sensual "Lingerie." She "lounge[s] around in [her] lingerie" to be "prepared for [her lover] just in case." After an empowering album that makes others feel independent and self-loving, Lizzo concludes with a sexual song of fantasizing her dream lover, the perfect end to any day.

In addition to playing Coachella, or as she has coined it Asschella, Lizzo just announced the second leg of her 'Cuz I Love You' tour. Find all upcoming dates below: