Lizzo’s “Juice” Is Officially Part of Your New Balanced Listening Routine


If there are two things that are difficult to abstain from when listening to Minneapolis rapper Lizzo, they would have to be moving and feeling an overwhelming deluge of self-love washing over you. It is an exceptional skill that Lizzo parades with full force in her latest exceptional track, "Juice."

In "Juice," the Minneapolis rapper bridges her trademark funk-laden rap with a nostalgic synth-driven sound that is wholly infectious and may prove to be her best work to date. "Juice" makes up more than just part of your new balanced music listening routine, dually demonstrating Lizzo's talent for lyricism and whipping up an escapable vibe. From the song's opening line "Mirror, mirror on the wall / Don't say it, 'cause I know I'm cute" to the equally standout "I be drippin' so much sauce / Gotta be lookin' like RAGÚ," Lizzo proves herself a master at quick-witted lyrical wordplay, and we are only one verse in. Then there is the overarching confidence that the Minneapolis rapper instills in every spoken word, striding through an anthem made for every woman who unapologetically knows and flaunts her worth.

And have we gotten to the pure perfection that is the music video for "Juice" yet? The nostalgic '80s-evoking video parodies everything from late night infomercials to Jane Fonda workout videos, alongside a timelier nod to ASMR YouTube star Spirit Payton, more popularly known as ASMRTHECHEW. But what is perhaps most impressive about "Juice" is the way Lizzo evokes delightful bouts of spirited of nostalgia while still coming out as the queen of 2019 only a few days in. With "Juice" Lizzo has delivered a veritable sensation that we will happily be sipping on for the foreseeable future.

Watch the video for "Juice" below: