“Losing Me” by Gabrielle Aplin & JP Cooper For The Win

Photo Credit: Alex De Palma

Gabrielle Aplin and JP Cooper have been in each other’s orbits for a minute, but blessings abound because these two have taken their relationship from cordial festival run-ins to full-blown musical collaboration, and we stan for the results!  

The brand new single, "Losing Me," is a gorgeous mix of modern love and realism with a pop sensibility that forces you to catch feels.  Produced by Lostboy and Mike Spencer, whose credits span from Liam Payne and Mabel to Zara Larsson and Tom Walker, the end result is catchy without sacrificing an ounce of authenticity. We could go on and on about how this track is the perfect marriage of vibe and soul… of sweet and salty… a metaphorical PB & J, but maybe just hit play and let your ears do the work.  

When asked about the song, Gabrielle said, 

"'Losing Me' is hopeful. It covers what you want to hear when you’re going through dark times and what you should say when you’re somebody’s shoulder. Collaborating with JP Cooper on this track was perfection… we vibed but challenged one another to be better in a beautiful way."