Luna Luna and The Undercover Dream Lovers’ “One Thing” Has us Believing in Romance [Premiere]


Photo: Ash Rosas

I know that Valentine's Day was almost four months ago, but I still can't help but hold a soft spot for tracks that occupy some space between sentimental and sweet. Whether I'm driving down PCH with my windows down on a sunny afternoon or suffering through online class inside on a rainy winter day, you'll always find a few romance-laden hits in my weekly rotation. 

Thankfully, Luna Luna, the Dallas-based four-piece returns this week with the equally passionate and emotive "One Thing," their second single of 2021. Featuring a guest collaboration with The Undercover Dream Lovers, "One Thing" provides listeners with a vintage-themed synthpop anthem ripe for summer consumption.

Though it's been a minute since the self-described "bi-lingual Latinx band" released their last record - 2019's Carousel - it sounds like they haven't skipped a studio day since. Decorated in washed-out synth melodies and percussion that could have been ripped straight out of an early Tame Impala cut, "One Thing" captures the feverish apex of love's intoxicating highs with Luna Luna's signature saccharine tenderness. Carefully crafted and painstakingly polished, Luna Luna and The Undercover Dream Lover's hypnotic and lofty vocal layers will be sure to captivate you, whether or not you’re cuffed at the time of listening.

As brighter skies begins to arrive, you can be certain that Luna Luna and The Undercover Dream Lovers' "One Thing" is the perfect soundtrack to any budding summer romance. With 2020 in our rearview mirror, what better way to celebrate things looking up than diving headfirst into an infectiously optimistic banger like this one? Though I'm crossing my fingers that the wait for Luna Luna's next record won't be too long, at the very least we can look forward to seeing them on their 'Flower Moon Tour' later this year.

Listen to "One Thing" below: