Mack Keane’s ‘Aquanetta Dr. - Pt. II’ Is an R&B-Fueled Trip Down Memory Lane

On August 2, Mack Keane dropped the first part of his two-part EP, Aquanetta Dr. Pt. - I. Aquanetta Dr. - Pt. II arrives as the second EP of his deeply rooted EP series, and it picks up where Keane left off after Donna Ave. The EP titles are street names in California that hold strong sentimental value to Keane, all tied back to distinct memories spent with family. Keane brings us along on his journey of getting back in touch with specific times in his life and trying to find comfort in the memories. I know I don't just speak for myself when I say this is something every person in their early 20's can relate with, as we set out on our own and begin navigating this world that we've been suddenly thrown in to.

The EP instantly draws you in with its spacey synths, 808's, and Keane's smooth R&B vocals which elegantly flow over the beat. It's virtually impossible to not feel a surge of emotions course through your body as the beat hits and deep bass flows in songs such as "Often" and "High Life." In part one of Aquanetta Dr. series, the record "Often" paints a picture of how Keane has been longing to find a sense of self and cope with the constant energy of a creative mind, whereas "High Life" paints a story about celebrity culture and the pitfalls of fame. 

Keane describes a narrative of his personal evolution as an artist and the highs and lows that he deals with in real-time. Whether it’s mental health or relationships, Keane's music is something any listener is able to connect with. Keane has perfected what seems like a modern R&B sound that I've been looking for, something many have tried and failed to convey. With Aquanetta Dr. Pt. 1 being only the first part of a two part series, I found myself craving more.

On October 18, Keane blessed us with the second part of the Aquanetta Dr. series. Aquanetta Dr. - Pt. II is an extremely personal project that brings to life the story of a beautiful relationship suffering from the age-old story of bad timing and distance. Keane draws our attention to past relationships that helped us grow as human beings, and that often times prioritizing what’s most important can be extremely difficult. In the song "Take Some Time," you're instantly captivated by a comforting piano and soothing vocals that make you want to sit out on your balcony and look to the sky reminiscing on what seems like a past life. The smooth bass and hi-hat rolls leave you wondering where the song may be heading and quickly whips you into a funky chorus and upbeat bassline that give me a taste of an Anderson.Paak-esque record that I can't stop replaying in my head.

"Take Some Time" coalesces into "Take Some Time Pt. II" with the surge of radio static and reversed vocals, giving a trippy essence to the beginning of the song. Though the instrumentals are admirable, it's the lyrics that Keane nails our hearts with. "Where are my fingers, my piano got somethin' to say." Mack Keane continues to surprise us with some serious emotional and sonic heat.

Do yourself a favor and listen to Aquanetta Dr. - Pt. II below: