Maggie Lindemann Is a Future Pop-Punk Icon and “She Knows It”


Grunge pop artists Maggie Lindemann has released “She Knows It,” her first song since her January 2021 debut EP PARANOIA, and it is addictive. With an uncompromising approach, the single presents an unfiltered look at one of pop punk’s most subversive forces. At only 23, she has found her voice as a songwriter and used it to inject a fierce dose of honesty into her music, tackling everything from anxiety, obsession, and lingering insecurity.

“She Knows It" sees Lindemann navigating the murky waters of liking a girl who would simultaneously lead her on and complain about her boyfriend but wouldn’t break up with him. "I wrote this song about how I liked a girl who had a boyfriend. She would confide in me about how shitty he was and say and do things that would kind of lead me on but then tell me she didn’t ‘mean it like that'…so I was like fuck it, I’m gonna write about it,” she says of the song.

The video, directed by Vixxion, stays in line with the emotions explored in the track, beginning with Lindemann sneaking hidden looks at her love interest and inviting her to a show that night. “I wrote up the concept kind of right when we made the song,” shares the artist. “I instantly had a vision for it and wanted to give it a high school 2000’s feel but also keep it current and industrial and surreal spin from a normal classroom setting. I wanted to tap into my high school fantasy.”

When the girl shows up with her boyfriend, Lindemann responds by flipping him off. Lindemann and company enter a DIY warehouse show, and she makes her way to the microphone, ready to confess to her crush while performing. As she sings, the crowd moshes and surges around the boyfriend. As the song comes to a close, the love interest finds her way out of the crowd and returns Lindemann’s affection with a kiss.

Watch the “She Knows It” video below and be sure to catch her on tour with Madison Beer: