Mallrat and Basenji’s “Nobody’s Home” Is a Serenely Sweet Sonic Treat


When it comes to finding the perfect middle-ground between wonderfully produced electronic music and blissful iridescent pop, Aussies may just do it best. Don't believe us? Well, you either have somehow never listened to Flume, which is an issue for another matter, or you have yet to hear the latest single from Mallrat and Basenji.

In "Nobody's Home," growing Australian pop sensation Mallrat links up with severely underrated Australian producer Basenji for a delectably sweet sonic treat. The new single marks Mallrat's first single since her impressive sophomore EP, In the Sky, and Basenji's return following his 2017 single, "Mistakes."

Over an array of serene, understated production, Mallrat pens the perfect perfectly unsure love note, hinting at just a tinge of sadness. The newly formed duo floats alongside one another with a childlike sense of wonderment and undying optimism, so that even when Mallrat sings, "Now I'm under your thumb and I feel dumb/ My heart's in the right place but the time's wrong," you cannot help but see the silver lining off in the horizon.

Apparently wanting to bring a double dose of joy, Mallrat also accompanied the shimmering new single with an equally mesmerizing visual. The surreal depiction of suburban life is paired with stunning set design and entrancing moments of minimalistic choreography. "Nobody's Home" is a sonic and visual treat.

Watch the video for "Nobody's Home" below:

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