marcos g Dances Around the Issue of Commitment in “cold feet”


After his dancefloor debut and a few loose singles, Miami-based singer-songwriter marcos g is finally back with his new single "cold feet." Known best for his distinct fusion of bachata, dance pop, and R&B, marcos g has been steadily building a fanbase over the past few years. In addition to this blend of influences, each new track commonly shares catchy songwriting and a bright, magnetic vocal performance. Tracks such as "dancefloor," "single (on the weekend)," and "switch up" are perfect introductions if you're looking to dive into his back catalogue.  

His newest single, "cold feet," instantly pulls you in with its melodies and upbeat instrumental. The track not only features one of marcos g's best deliveries but also a standout guest appearance from ELLIE, who happens to be his younger sister. The two siblings co-wrote the track together and their vocal tones contrast perfectly with one another. 

Despite the lighthearted tone of the track, the lyrical content focuses on relationship issues. "The song is a fun poke at the idea of getting cold feet in a relationship. Being scared of commitment and settling is a big fear so to write a pretty, fun song about this scary feeling was great," marcos g tells us. With "cold feet" being his first single of 2021, marcos g proves that this is only the beginning for the rising artist.

Listen to "cold feet" below: