Mating Ritual Ends a Taxing Relationship in “The Name Of Love” [PREMIERE]


Mating Ritual has been crafting their sound for years, and their voice has never felt more assured than it does in the alternative jam "The Name Of Love." Initially started off as the solo project of Ryan Marshall Lawhon, Mating Ritual gradually became a collaborative project as Ryan's brother, Taylor, increasingly helped create their music. Since officially teaming up, the sibling duo has created two alluring alternative albums. Their third album, Hot Content, is set to release on May 10, and we could not be more excited.

Straight off Hot Content is their latest single "The Name Of Love." Mating Ritual spoke on "The Name Of Love," sharing,

"'The Name Of Love' is about ending a relationship that you've stayed in longer than you probably should have. You don't have to be happy 100% of the time, but when it seems like you're not getting any days off, it might be time to move on."

Mating Ritual transports us to their contemporary world of '80s heartbreak pop in this synthy tune. The groovy melody gives a feeling of heartbreak, but there is an air of relief from escaping the exhausting relationship. Their passionate lyrics perfectly portray the feeling of being fed up and needing to break free. Mating Ritual does a lot of regrettable things "in the name of love," and it all comes to an end in this song.

Be one of the first to experience the relief in "The Name Of Love" down below :