Max Bennett Kelly’s “Happy Healthy, Well-Adjusted” Video Is a Three A.M. Fever Dream


After a series of incredible feats, Max Bennett Kelly has seen some major numbers. Peaking at number three on Spotify's 'The New Alt' and 'For You,' and landing on over fifty-five thousand independent playlists, his latest track, "Happy, Healthy, Well-Adjusted" has gone on to accumulate over two million streams within two months of its release.

Catching fire on TikTok early on, the pop-punk-influenced jam gained some major traction. With the catchy and humorous line "I watch Naruto on my ex-girlfriend's Netflix," even catching the attention of the streaming platform themselves, Max seems more than set for success. Blending early 2000's pop-punk with a dash of modern indie pop, Max's recipe for "Happy Healthy, Well-Adjusted" has cooked up some big looks from the industry.

Hot off the heels of the resounding success of "Happy Healthy, Well-Adjusted," he's finally gracing us with a killer visualizer we're incredibly excited to premiere. Completely self-directed, shot, and edited by Max himself, he shows his incredible artistry extends far beyond the world of music. The video is displayed on an old box television, flipping through channels, commercials, and performance shots, portraying the many times Max would suddenly wake up in the middle of the night as a kid, feeling like he was in the middle of a fever dream. 

Constantly flipping through channels and never being able to fall back asleep, it truly takes us back to those times where you'd wake up in the middle of the night and find George Lopez or Fresh Prince of Bel-Air blaring on the TV, the light so bright from the screen that you can only squint to really see what's playing. With so much success coming his way, "Happy Healthy, Well-Adjusted" feels like just the beginning of an incredibly promising career.

Watch the "Happy, Healthy, Well-Adjusted" video below: