McClenney Connects With Baby Rose For the Introspective “Karma Plays”

McClenney's ascendance in the music world isn't a surprise to anyone with two working ears. The talented singer and multi-instrumentalist continues to level up. McClenney is a maverick for the way he's been able to craft his own alternative R&B sound by combining elements of jazz, funk, pop, and soul in new ways. Having worked with a whose who of contemporary R&B and pop artists, McClenney has improved the quality of any song he touched. Today, he's back with the premiere for his new single, "Karma Plays," featuring Baby Rose.

Speaking on the song, McClenney said,

"The past year, I've spent a lot of time thinking about karma and the consequences of everything I do. The first verse of the song started as a poem I'd written a few months before I wrote the song. It's about insomnia. But mental insomnia specifically, like where you're mentally exhausted and emotionally drained because you can't turn your brain off. One of the downsides of me being a Virgo. The song is a cautionary tale. "Karma pays you in change" to me means: the only way you can expect different results or a karmic shift is by making changes in your life. "On the dollar for your ways"- it is what it is, you get what you pay for. After I sorta had the basis of the song, I originally had a guitar solo, but really wanted to have another voice. One of the first people I thought of was Baby Rose. She has an incredible voice and I'd had the honor of working with her and a mutual friend of ours a few times before. It made me so happy when she felt inspired to sing on it. There's an honesty she brings to all of her songs that I felt made 'Karma Plays' so much better."

Listen to "Karma Plays" below.